Game Business Toolbox – Game Design Done Right

Whether you are starting your own independent video game company for the first time, or looking for better ways to organize your existing business, the Game Business Toolbox provides you with the productivity tools you need.  The Toolbox is comprised of two main elements, a suite of Business productivity templates specifically designed for the video game industry and a suite of Game Design templates.

The Game Business Toolbox was designed to take a structured approach to game business setup and operation, as well as game design.

Some things to consider:

  • An estimated 95% of all game projects are considered a commercial failure.
  • Only 20% of games released return any profit after the expenses incurred to make the game.
  • Of all games released, it is estimated that only 10% of games generate 90% of the profit.
  • Commercial success of indie projects is even more deplorable.  It is estimated that 95% or more of all indie projects fail to complete at all.

The truth is making video games for any platform is expensive, complex and time consuming.  The rewards for those that succeed in capturing the public’s eye is what drives the video game industry, the professionals that work there, and the countless independent game developers globally to press onward.

While there are many contributing factors to the game industry statistics, two elements of successful projects emerge.  Careful business planning and responsible game design.  These concepts are not new, however in the video game industry these simple practices, common to all high tech industries and businesses universally, are dramatically and historically undervalued in many game projects.

There are many good books which walk the reader through various aspects of the game industry, including the various elements of game design and video game business setup and planning.  However, despite being referenced throughout the texts, there are few actual game design document templates for individuals and companies to use.  Add to that, there were no game industry specific business planning templates available anywhere.  It is this space that the Game Business Toolbox was designed to complement.


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